Galerie Valeria Cetraro, sector COLLABORATIONS with Clages Gallery, Köln. 
Stand n. 63

Our project for Art Cologne 2023 presents two sculptures and photographic portraits from the artists’ latest project, Le sort des Labourgue, which was presented in the summer of 2023 in their solo exhibition at the art centre Les capucins in Embrun, and is currently on show at Haus Moëdrath in Kerpen. 

Le sort des Labourgue is as much a role-playing game as an Escape Game, in which a group engages in a team-building experience. Each player takes on a new role, redefining his or her so-called place in the team. It’s all about making others believe in the powers and stories we tell them about ourselves. The result is a costume party that has gone on a little too long, a folk museum with no history but a repertoire of attitudes to mimic. A representation of a performance where the roles of ragpicker, potato seller, representative of order, egg seller or magician would have been randomly distributed like in a lottery, but where there would have been no escape from the embodiment of the joke.

The project also includes two photographic prints from the story I think we should go somewhere else, which was presented at the Kunsteverein in Bielefeld in spring 2023.

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